Monday, June 16, 2008

Further Evidence of a Normal Market Return

The May market analysis continues to support the views of many that the Southwest Florida market is steadily improving and has returned to what is considered a “Historical Norm”. It was quite obvious to many that the supply had exceeded demand in Southwest Florida which elevated prices beyond fair market value in 2004 & 2005. In many communities current prices are now below “replacement cost” as some analysts have begun predicting that the credit crunch and negative national housing news is now causing an over correction on the downside in the same way the bubble drove prices up.
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Additional notes regarding May Market Stats Report:

Average number of closings for the month of May for all years 2000 – 2008 (excluding 2004 and 2005) is 611. May 2008 closings (617) continue to support the theory that the market is returning to historical norms.

May closed sales up 2% over May 2007. JRW closed sales for May up 29%.

In April we reported that YTD pended sales were approximately even with YTD April 2007. In May YTD pended sales jumped ahead of prior year by approximately 6%. JRW YTD May pended sales are up 28% over 2007. We anticipate that the market will continue to gain over 2007 throughout the remainder of the year and will carefully monitor this trend over the summer season.

JRW listings continue to outsell those of other brokers. Through May 2008, 363 JRW listings have closed (through MLS) compared to: Downing Frye 329; Coldwell Banker 256; Premier 229 and Prudential 152.

JRW agents continue to significantly outperform other agents in both average units and average volume produced per agent. There are some very good reasons why this happens and some corresponding benefits to our clients and customers:

(1) JRW employs only full-time, career oriented professionals. Adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards is a condition for continued affiliation. Advantage to clients and customers: Knowledgeable professionals, equipped with the most current information and technology, are actively involved in helping to guide buying and selling decisions.

(2) JRW provides in-house training and professional development opportunities unequalled in the market. Advantage to clients and customers: From the highly experienced to the novice agent, on-going education is provided at all levels. Changes in the market, legal requirements, technology, and marketing all have an impact on the successful sales effort. Our programs continually address all of these areas and more.

(3) JRW professionals have access to the most current market data and statistics. Advantage to clients and customers: The ability to benefit from current, factual information about the market today as well as historical comparisons. Buying and selling decisions can be made based on facts and their relevance to a particular individual situation, rather than on hype or one person’s opinion.

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Commentary provided by Dorothy D. Babcock, John R. Wood C.O.O.

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