Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What's a blog? ...Customer Service in the 21st Century!

Many of you if not most have heard of a blogging. The practice of stateing information and often times opinions online on a daily basis has exploded. Everyone from youg kids to college students to corporate CEO's seem to be gettting in on the action these days. Providing nearly instantaneous information and feedback has become part of the increasinglty fast paced and technological culture. Blogging allows anyone the ability to reach outside their geographical community and find & communicate with others that share the same interests, opinions and goals. It also provides people resources online that are targeted to a specific interest. Last night an news peice aired on NBC Nightly News about some Fortune 500 companies that are blogging to disseminate information and solicit feedback that may otherwise be too costly. at least 60 Fortune 500 companies have blogs and the number is growing every day! For those that think they are too old or not technical enough to have a blog I can tell you that they are both easy and free!

You can watch the peice by clicking on the video below

The idea of bringing a personal touch through the internet may seem foreign to some. This personal attention in an increasingly corporate and disconnected world is helping to bridge the span between companines and their customers across great distances. As long as it may have been since you sat down and wrote a full letter to someone many miss the personal attention and freedom to express themselves that blog's and the comments they solicit can provide!

For more about blogging and some of the websites that offer this free service please feel free to ask me. Many professions, associations and orginazations have blog sites that are specific but anyone can also set up personal or political ones on sites like this one at www.blogger.com. Other sites include www.Localism.com or for those with company or personal websites on www.MySpace.com they have a good blog function as well!

Happy blogging... & comments Welcome!

Garren Grup, REALTOR... Naples, Bonita Springs & Estero!

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